The Experience

Through conversation before your session, I will guide you with that to expect and what you may need to bring. My session style is one that will allow the wall art we produce to compliment your home decor. I like to keep things light and relaxed, so bring along your smile and I will handle the rest!

What Makes My Newborn Work Different?

One word. Safety.

#1 on my mind during the entire session is your little ones safety. I feel so passionate about this that I TEACH newborn safety! A lot of my work is magic behind the scenes in Photoshop. My sessions do not focus on the time during the session, rather the flow your family leads the direction of posing and images I create. I come into every newborn session with an open mind and a heart full of love to create the best images and gallery for you to cherish <3

Fresh 48 Session $199

The Fresh 48 Session is a session done within 48 hours of birth. Usually in the hospital or in your home when you first arrive home. A total of 8 downloadable digitals are included. Save $50 when you bundle either in studio newborn sessions! (Travel fees may apply)

Squish Session $399

This session is for someone looking for the whole newborn package! It includes a full 2-3 hour newborn session in studio where I am able to capture family, sibling, and baby shots. I will provide multiple stylized set ups for both bean bag posing and prop sets in addition to the use of equipment and 8 digital downloads with a print release AND a custom app with the all of the edited images for your phone!! You can include all of the digitals for download as a $699 package!

Swaddle Session $249

The Swaddle Session is a budget friendly newborn session. This session focuses on baby. It includes a 30-45 min session in studio, the use of props, equipment, and 4 digital downloadable photos and print release!


Lifestyle Session $199

The Lifestyle Newborn Session is a great option for someone wanting less posed photos and more in the moment, emotional photos. This session is done in your home. All I need is a window with good natural light and a decluttered space the rest happens in the moment! (Travel fees may apply)

FAQ's regarding newborn sessions:


What areas do you service?

I service Southern Illinois and St. Louis, MO areas, and wherever the wind takes me! My studio is in Centralia, IL, but I frequently travel to Mt. Vernon, IL. Salem, IL, Effingham, IL, Marion, IL, Belleville, IL, O' Fallon IL to St. Louis area.


When should I schedule my newborn session?

The sooner the better! I take a limited number of newborns each month, so that I can maintain the flexibility necessary for these sessions. I understand that there is a good chance your baby will not come on his/her due date! Once I receive your deposit, you will be placed on our calendar. Then I simply ask my mommies to keep in touch with me and let me know when the baby arrives or if a C-Section or induction date has been scheduled. 


What do I need to bring for my baby to be photographed in?

Nothing! I have everything you will need for your newborn's session. I am always available so you can express any special requests that you might have. I am happy to take inspiration from any images you show me, and then I will put my stamp on it. No two photographers are identical and it would be impossible to replicate another image identically. My galleries are an example of what you can expect for your session and editing style. All props and materials shown on the website are mine and most of them are available to you should you have a request. 


When do newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions are best done when baby is between 5-21 days old. Please contact the studio as soon as baby is born in order to schedule your session. Babies need to be in this age range to ensure those squishy poses; of course if a baby needs to spend time in the NICU we will work something out!

Ideally, I would like to have them in the studio when they are still very sleepy and I am able to pose them in those curly, snuggled up poses that everyone loves so much.  You will receive a prep guide a few days before your session that lists some things to help you prepare yourself and your new baby for the session. I know that this time can be a bit overwhelming for new parents and that’s why I take all the guesswork out. You really just need to show up with your baby and their food (breast or bottle) and I will take care of the rest!


Do I need to do anything special prior to my session?

I will email a list of tips and final details once baby arrives and your session date/time is scheduled. At a minimum: baby, bottle or momma for feeding, paci if you choose to use one, and a couple of extra diapers.


 What should parents/siblings wear?

The simpler the better!  Parents posing with their newborn should wear neutral or softer color items with minimal designs and brand logos.  Our goal for your images is to focus on yout beautiful family, not the brand of clothing that was worn. Moms can wear anything from a simple blouse to a long sleeved top to a maxi dress. Dads can go with a basic t-shirt in white, tan, gray, black, soft blue, etc. In my opinion dads look best shirtless or in a form fitting neutral (gray, beige, black) t-shirt, moms will look great in a tank top the same color. As long as all the colors flow, it will be perfect. I also have a selection of gowns for mom and dresses for most size big sisters. Also, a very important thing to be mindful of is bra straps, hair ties on wrists, and fingernails/hands. Be sure your nails are neat since your hands will definitely be shown in the photos. Siblings should also have neat hands/fingernails (no chipped nail polish, please) and clothes should fit well. If shirts or pants are too big, it tends to look sloppy. I am always available to help coordinate these outfits.


How long will my session last?

You can expect 45 minutes-3 hours depending on the session booked.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We do offer no interest payment plans on our collections. Please inquire for more details.


Can I request a specific pose for my session?

You can certainly let me know which poses or images you are drawn to and like, but I can not guarantee that your baby will be able to pose in any specific pose. These little ones are in complete control and ultimately determine how a session will go. It is important to speak with me and let me know what you are desiring and I will do my best to accommodate you.


What happens after my session?

Together we will schedule a time 2-3 weeks after your session date for you to come in for your reveal and viewing session. (Covid depending)


Please don't hesitate to ask questions! It is important to ask if you have any at all!

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